Types of Goldfish

There are many types of Goldfish. The earliest "goldfish" were a type of the Carp found in China. The monks kept the goldfish in ponds and domesticated them to get the modern goldfish.

Goldfish can grow to a length of 22 inches and weigh up to 9 pounds. Most household goldfish live for six to eight years. When you go to your local goldfish store, look for healthy types of goldfish that are well kept and well maintained. If there are dead fish or the water is cloudy, buy your goldfish elsewhere.

Types of Goldfish

Comets- These are slender in body shape and have a long single tail fin. They are very hardy fish and will grow to 12-14" long.

Commons- Also slender in body shape but they have a short sleek tail fin. They are also hardy and will get to 12-14" long.

Shubunkins- Shubunkins are slender in body and have many colors like violet, red, and orange, yellow. These colors go to the tail. There is 2 different kinds of this fish: London and Bristols.

Wakins- Again, slender like the others but its tail fin is split.. Most come in colors of white, white and orange or just orange.

Pearlscale- This is an egg shaped goldfish and they have a mid-reigion larger than other goldfish. The scales have a pearl raised appearance and they come in many colors.

Oranda- Another fish with an egg shaped body with what is called head growth (wen). If the fish is healthy, the wen growth should be well developed. The fins are long and flowing.

Ryukin- These goldfish have a hump back that starts just after the head of the goldfish.

Moors- A black colored Goldfish with telescope eyes and an egg shaped body.

Demekin- This fish is a cross between a ryukin and a telescope goldfish. They have a high arched back and telescope eyes.

Veiltail- This fish has long flowing fins that droop off the fish's body. The fish's body is egged shaped and it comes in a variety of colors.

Lionhead- This is a beautiful fish. An egg shaped goldfish with a straight back and no dorsel fin.

When you choose your type of goldfish, make sure this type of fish is the one you can give the best goldfish care too!

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