Cleaning Your Goldfish Bowl

Cleaning a goldfish bowl is very important because if it is not cleaned well, your fish will get sick.One of the first pets that children would be eager to take responsibility for is the goldfish. Goldfish are undoubtedly the most common and rewarding of all pets and for budding fish enthusiasts or children. Visually appealing and available in a palette of bright colors, goldfish are easy to care for and raise, provided they are encased in an environment in a safe, healthy and comfortable environment. What people don’t realize is that goldfish should not be housed in a bowl and that picking an aptly sized bowl is the key to proper and well delivered goldfish care.

Water Aging and Conditioning
Age new water for at least two days, so chlorine and other gases in solution are released, and so that the temperature is the same as that in the tank. If you need to treat for chloramines, follow the instructions you get carefully. In general, goldfish can adapt to almost any tap water hardness or pH, as long as changes are made slowly, over a few days. Your life will be easier if you just get your fish used to your normal conditions.

Use the syphon to clean the poop out of the tank once or twice a week. If you have gravel, make sure you use a syphon with a gravel vacuuming attachment and follow the instructions. If you have algae, clean it off the front glass but leave it elsewhere (the fish will nibble on it). Also use the syphon for water changing; change twenty five percent of the water each week. Finally, clean out the filter element every couple of weeks, rinsing it in used tank water (tap water could kill the good bacteria!). Usually, doing all these things at the same time is most efficient.

Not very critical. A water temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit is considered ideal. Above 80 degrees some fish may suffer and even die. Below 50 degrees the fish will become lethargic and should not be fed.

The right goldfish bowl will ensure that your fish lives for a very long time and is comfortable will in the tank. Goldfish can die easily if they are not taken care of well. A lot of times people forget to change or clean the water, overfeed them or just forget about them. Good goldfish care is essential if you want your fish to live a long time and avoid flushing him down the toilet. The life span of your gold fish is entirely determined by the quality of your care you give it. Remember the rules above and you will be enjoying your goldfish for a very long time to come.